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How to Stop an Internal Storm from Being a Tsunami

Do you ever feel as if life is like a tsunami about to overtake you? When those internal storms come, what can a believer do? Joanna Gaines, one of the stars of Fixer Upper had good advice in a devotional she wrote for faithgateway. 

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Are You Stuck in a Paralyzing Mindset?

  Does anybody else out there build something up in your mind so big that it either paralyzes you from moving forward or causes you to lose hours of sleep worrying over it? No matter how much I prayed, I couldn’t change my mindset until I let my fear drive me into the arms of …

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Are Negative Emotions Keeping You From Experiencing Joy?

Are you sick and tired of your negative emotions running your life? That is exactly where I was when I was first introduced to Transformation Prayer MInistry (TPM). I had gotten very good at suppressing and stuffing my emotions.  But they would always rear their ugly head when I least expected it.

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Living THE LIFE – Not Just Another Day at the Beach

Have you ever had the feeling that something is holding you back from being who God called you to be?  Or maybe you’ve read scriptures that sound really good (for other people) but they can’t be true for you. That is exactly the way I felt on the day I determined I couldn’t live another …

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Filling-in-the-Dash: New Paradigm

SIMILARITIES IN HUMANS Every single human being has several things in common.  A few similarities are: We were all born from a woman. We all must eat and drink water to sustain life. We all will die one day unless The Lord decides to return first. What makes the difference in the years spent on …

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