Do You Think Your Testimony Could Never Bless Others?


Have you ever been asked to give your testimony? Just the word “testimony” sounds big and ominous to me. When I think of testimony, dramatic transformation comes to mind of how God rescued someone who was living a very dark life from the brink of death. They immediately turn from all of their sinful ways and begin serving the Lord as a new creation. My testimony is nothing as exciting as that!


Even if your “testimony” is not as sensational as the one described above, you still have a story that God has been writing since before you were born. Your story is unique because there is nobody else exactly like you. You never know when your one-of-a-kind story will be the very thing God will use to encourage someone else or to even draw an unbeliever to Him. Continue reading

God is Perfect in All of His Ways

Facebook reminded me of a post I wrote many years ago that brought back sweet memories.

July 25, 2010     “Wow, it’s hard to believe that P.A.L. is really over. A huge thanks to all of you who worked this past week . . .”


The acronym P.A.L. I referenced is the significant part of that post. Just to give you a little back story – my husband and I wrote a Vacation Bible School for our home church 2 years in a row. We wrote these because we wanted to help the children in our ministry understand who they are in Christ and what it means to live a life knowing that they are perfectly accepted, and loved in Him, hence the title P.A.L. Continue reading

What to Do When Life Throws You a Curve Ball

Have you ever wondered what God is up to in your life? Life is going along fine and out of the blue, here comes a curve ball. If you could just get inside God’s head, maybe it would be easier to walk through the hard times in life.  Of course, you can read His Word to learn His heart towards you. We can also learn how to cooperate with what He’s up to, which might lessen the pain a bit and allow us to grow in the midst of the hard times. Continue reading

You Never Know the Impact Your Life Has on Others

Think about loved ones who are no longer with you on Earth. Have you ever considered the impact they had on who you have become and how you do life today?

Do you ever find yourself recalling certain words that someone spoke to you possibly decades before? It seems that after someone has left this earth, those words carry even more weight. Continue reading

Is it Easy for You to Be Still in God’s Presence?


Do you ever have trouble living out Psalm 46:10 “Be still and know that I am God.”?  How do you get into a posture where you can honestly be still enough to enjoy God’s presence?


For me, being in a beautiful setting that involves water does it most every time. Whenever it’s time to talk about a vacation, my first thought is, “Where can we go that’s near water?” To be honest, the grandeur of mountains can also do it for me. Since I live in Texas I have a much better chance of getting near water.

One place I was definitely able to experience that stillness with God is on a cruise that my husband and I had waited 25 years to take. I stumbled upon a journal entry from one of our days on the ship.  Continue reading

Even Successful Entrepreneurs Must Work to Overcome Fears

Do you ever watch or listen to successful people and think to yourself, Wow! They have it altogether. It must be nice to be so confident. I bet they don’t have to work to overcome fears.  

I follow a few mentors and authors who have shared with their followers that the opposite is true. Continue reading

Is Negative Self-Talk Sabotaging You?


Negative self-talk, both spoken and unspoken, can sabotage the best of intentions and definitely steal our joy. Typically we don’t begin a day with conscious thoughts such as, I’m such a failure. I’m a total screw up. I’m defective and “unfixable”. 

(If these types of thoughts have become routine, there is a chance that you might open your eyes and be disappointed that you even woke up again. I’m not talking about those dire situations, although I will address those in another post.)

I am referring to believers who regularly do life in a positive way but something happens to uncover a belief that can sabotage the best of us on any given day. Continue reading

How to Get Rid of Anger in Four Steps


Have you ever tried to make yourself not be angry? Maybe you’ve tried one of my tactics to get rid of anger, some of which are really excellent things to do:

  • Pray alone or with a friend
  • Stuff it until it’s nicely put away on “a shelf” in my mind.
  • Read scripture
  • Remind myself of who I am in Christ. (i.e. I am a forgiven child of God.  Jesus in me can let go of this anger. I trust you for that, Lord.)
  • Distract yourself with work, TV show, book, etc.
  • Recount what I’m grateful for
  • Minimize the situation (It really wasn’t that bad. They didn’t mean it.)
  • Talk about it with a friend (This typically fuels it more.)

Did these work for you better than they work for me for really getting rid of the anger? 

I did not separate those that would be considered spiritual and most definitely better alternatives. All of these serve me well by helping me have victory in the moment (i.e. anger is arrested for the time being). But I usually find that my anger is still simmering below the surface. Continue reading

Is it Really Possible that Forgiveness Could be Effortless?


The idea of effortless forgiveness sounds almost like a fantasy, doesn’t it?  Speaking personally, there are many times when someone does something to hurt or offend me and I can easily forgive them. Even if they don’t ask, I don’t feel a need to hold on to their offense. It feels almost as if I’m unoffendable in some situations. Why is that? You probably can recall instances like that, also.


But what about those times when you know you should forgive, you want to forgive, you are trying really hard to forgive, but those overriding negative emotions keep popping up. Continue reading

How to Stop an Internal Storm from Being a Tsunami

Do you ever feel as if life is like a tsunami about to overtake you? When those internal storms come, what can a believer do? Joanna Gaines, one of the stars of Fixer Upper had good advice in a devotional she wrote for faithgateway.  Continue reading

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