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Do You Have God Right?

What comes to mind when you think about God? Do any of these words or phrases resonate with you? loving for me forgiving close trustworthy all powerful sufficient generous

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Are You Concerned that Your Life is Out of Balance?

Do you ever get the feeling that your life might be out of balance; that one area of your life is taking over all of your time? Or maybe you have had the thought, What happened to the time? I totally meant to _______ this year. (You fill in the blank.) 

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How to Overcome Fear When Trying Something New

Whenever you are facing a “first”, does fear ever creep in? It sure does for me because of the unknowns and things outside my control. Wouldn’t it be amazing if there was a way to¬† overcome fear? I thought about “firsts” recently. I had to run an errand around 8:00 AM and was quickly reminded …

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