Category: Intentional Living

It’s Never too Late to Jump-Start Your Goals

Did you set some pretty lofty goals at the beginning of the year? We are now coming into the home stretch with the 4th quarter.  True confession – in years past I wouldn’t even be thinking about my goals in October because I would have given up on them many months before. I would be …

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Living THE LIFE – Not Just Another Day at the Beach

Have you ever had the feeling that something is holding you back from being who God called you to be?  Or maybe you’ve read scriptures that sound really good (for other people) but they can’t be true for you. That is exactly the way I felt on the day I determined I couldn’t live another …

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Filling-in-the-Dash: New Paradigm

SIMILARITIES IN HUMANS Every single human being has several things in common.  A few similarities are: We were all born from a woman. We all must eat and drink water to sustain life. We all will die one day unless The Lord decides to return first. What makes the difference in the years spent on …

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